Thursday, February 28, 2013

Morning Feathers

Black-capped Chickadee; Poecile atricapilla


  1. You captured amazing detail in this shot: the mussed feathers and subtle coloration. Also amazing stillness for a chickadee. I wonder what feels like to have feathers on your face?

    1. There was heavy traffic at the feeder, so a bit of a queue. Also, if there is a nuthatch feeding, the chickadees tend to sit back and wait their turn.

      At any rate, the sun was warm and there was no bitter wind (for a change). It was pleasant to just sit and bask in the hint of spring.

      There were at least fifty redpolls feeding around my boots and plenty of not-quite-as-skittish-as-usual chickadees.

      I imagine feathers on one's face would be more pleasing than hairs, and make it impossible to kiss without smiling.

      Thank you for your comment, Hoosier Honyock.