Monday, December 28, 2015

Point of Snow Return (for Maddie)


  1. That is one beautiful ass you have there. I don't know how you survive the cold....but I sure enjoy the scenery....In more ways than one. :-)

    1. Hi Mark. Thank you for your compliment.

      Bearing the cold depends a lot upon whether or not there is wind, and staying dry. It can get painful (especially in my fingertips) if I stay out too long trying to get the shot just right.

      My 'frontal region' is somewhat more sensitive to the cold than my backside.

    2. never fear....I'm here to warm everything up!!!!! Lovely shot!

    3. You've sounded disheartened, Maddie, due to your lack of seasonal weather. Winter has returned here, so I thought I'd send a bit of snowy cheer your way.

    4. Yes your right....but if not for you, at this rate I may never enjoy any snow. I am enjoying these snow shots.