Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Empty Promises

Empty Promises; An Ode to Holiday Rapture


  1. I know the feeling! Big warm hugs to you buddy!

  2. "Bright lights and promises
    A pocket full of dreams

    ¶ . . .

    When I was good, then I was bad
    I never thought I'd end up this way
    With no dreams to hide me
    Bright lights to guide me
    How long does it take to make the grade?

    ¶ . . .

    Bright lights and promises, that's all it's for
    Leave and enter by the service door
    Now I'm gold lamé and diamonds
    Even if my gold is worn
    Honey, can you show me more?"

    -- Janis Ian, "Bright Lights & Promises", Between the Lines Album

    Hugs and warm thoughts, Tomass.