Friday, December 06, 2019

The Snow Wrestler (for Maddie)


  1. Oh....what a very nice shot I really love the feeling of this setting...crisp and clean...and that patch of red and flesh against the snow. I am flattered Tomass. I do wrestle with it being art and a nice stirring erotic turn on. You know i just love your asset.💋

    1. I thought you might enjoy a second shot, a closer look with the sunlight filtered by cloud, to show my appreciation for your compliments and support.

      To me, erotica is the art of arousal, the stirring of feelings, while pornography is the business of sex, and often does little to stir much of anything. I'm flattered that my pictorial adventures warm your cockles.

    2. They do indeed Tomass, and your comment took the words right out of my mouth why I think I enjoy your art so much. They tell a story. And this very shot is now my winter screen saver!!!! Your the first thing I see everyday when I turn on my laptop.

    3. Owing to you, it's not just the snow that's blushing my cheeks.