Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Where the Birch Switches Grow


  1. I saw in in the distance
    His body firm and beautiful
    He turned and smiled
    So long before the time? he asked
    I have searched for you - I replied
    and now you have found me, what more do you want? - He responded
    Only that you take me now - I replied.
    Turning he threw his clothing down and led me naked to his cabin.
    What will happen next I wondered?

    1. Soft rain whispered to silence and the sun warmed away the behinds of clouds. Through the planked door and onto the bunk you fell, smiling my lips with your raised openness. Shafts of sunlight fired the raindrops on your skin, sparkling into a tiny stream that trickled into your crack for my tasting. My tongue fed your hunger, your hunger lifted me, my cock kissed your secrets.

  2. and as my body shook you held me close.
    Your rough hands seemed smooth as they aroused my stirring cock;
    and then you held me close; the smell of the forest was on you
    as my lips licked your nipples and your tongue went along my neck.
    Take me to you - I begged - take me and make me your own.
    Your hands gently steered my body over so I was on my side, and you naked hard body slid behind me.
    As your tongue entered my ear, the hardness of you rubbed against my
    virgin arsehole, and as you nibbled my earlobe,
    I relaxed waiting for the love making to begin...