Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time Peace

I can't believe I actually used to enjoy these 'invigorating' moments.


  1. That's because I was there to warm you up!

  2. What a gorgeous shot!!!!!!!! You playful thing...

  3. I like that playful shot too, things are supposed to warm up, at least you won't have to worry about freezing anything. When I was a teenager, (don't ask me why I did this) if no one was around, I would take my boots off and run through the deep snow in socks. Weird I know but there was some sort of freedom to it and testosterone issue I think lol. Oddly enough it was easier to do on really cold days as the snow was dry and too cold to melt and soak my socks.

    1. You're right; it is much easier, and more comfortable (if that word can be used in such situations) to frolic in fluffy dry snow.

      It's interesting that you share your 'sockapades' because, even with socks, I'm reluctant to put my feet in snow. In fact, I think my feet are about the only part I haven't bared in snow.