Saturday, December 16, 2017

Polar Bare

Well, perhaps not polar bare, but after a few days of cold conditioning, I finally found the balls for some northern exposure.


  1. how nice to see you up to your hijinks. The computer ate my bookmarks during an ill advised updating spree and I haven't been able to track down several of my old faves, including yours, so it's nice to see world's hottest ass in the coldest settings.

    1. And nice to find your comment too, mrpeenee. I'm happy you tracked me down (it's always easier when there are footprints in the snow).

      It gets harder each year to talk myself into dropping my trousers in the chill air. This year, the weather plummeted from a rather pleasant autumn into instant midwinter, which didn't help.

      You'll notice I wasn't brave enough to put snow on anything yet.

    2. I'm sure it will come. And I for one have always been astonished at your commitment to this project. When you're a little old man like me, you'll be glad you did.

    3. You're a good heart, and make it a pleasure to share my adventures.