Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Peril Apparel

The mosquitoes are nightmarish. Their drone haunts the windows, telling desire for the sleeping, the naked flesh just a screen away. In the woods, their moist empyrean, the play of pricks, the sting of stillness. Yet, the ferns and mosses, the coolness calling. So at last I pictured... with brevity.


  1. Brave soul,..and we are so rewarded from your efforts with the sumptuous image produced! I suspect in coming across such a find amidst ferns and moss, my interest would be as intense as the mosquitoes...but hopefully in a mutually pleasing manner! Outstanding image!

    1. They're not as bad if you keep moving, but if you pause they surround you and alight. Their 'pricks' find their way through the mesh where it is tight against the skin.

      Encountering an intense Luke in the forest, that's an entirely different matter.

      Thank you for your compliment.