Saturday, January 16, 2016

Natural High


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    1. Thank you, Luke.

      I was pleased with this effort, not only because I captured the jump and snow as I envisioned, but because it was on just my second attempt. My jump and snow throw were fairly decent in the first, but my mack had dropped down so not enough backside was bared. It often takes more than two tries for me to capture all the elements of a 'hibernal horseplay' picture to my satisfaction.

  2. You can tell you had a lot of fun doing this shot. Your efforts payed off. I swear if you ever do greeting cards I'm sending them to all my friends.

    1. The sunshine, fluffy snow and tolerable cold bring out the frolic in me.

      It looks from the weather map like it's finally a bit cooler in your neck of the woods. Did you get snow?