Monday, July 06, 2015

Cold Sacrifice

"If you must drill in the Arctic..."
I originally titled this, with tongue-in-cheek, Rimming the Arctic Circle, but given the impending exploitation of yet another part of the planet...


  1. Did Frosty the Snowman just have his way with you?

    Seriously, that looks COLD! Interesting landscape. With the Cattails I assume it's a lake or river you're on.

    1. I think 'Frosty' might be a tad too deferential to 'have his way' with me.

      It is a small lake in north-central Saskatchewan, frozen with ice thick enough to support a moose or two (and Tomass).

  2. Since they are having a hard time getting up there in the Arctic, we can only hope they can't make it up there. It's so stupid to even try. Their dirty deeds and fuel are destroying the earth. This is why our sharks are attacking now.

    1. It is frustrating that there are no leaders, only facilitators and marionettes in this mad dash to oblivion. A magnificent home, an 'intelligent' species; so much potential is being squandered by rapacious fools.

      Embarrassing, shameful, demoralizing.

      The planet is to be shared by all life, and all life is valuable and integral to survival.

      It is heartening to know that people like you have chosen and are working in the field of conservation. Thank you, Ginger Mickey.