Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mistakes Happen

I can't hear the timer on my camera beeping with the wind blowing, the snow flying and my ears covered, so I do the countdown in my head as I'm scooting into position.

There are occasions when my timing must be precise, for example, attempting to capture my jump in Vladimir's Nightmare; a slight miscalculation and the shot is missed. The Mistakes Happen photograph illustrates one of my timing errors. I jumped a touch too soon and captured my landing instead of my leap. The picture also shows why my cock is not big on participating in my winter antics.


  1. I always wondered about this. Never would have thought about the wind and the hat. And your right, your poor cock. I hope it gets love and not all punishment,lol!

  2. Puts a whole new spin on pounding your dick, for sure.

    But seriously, this revelation heightens my already great respect for you, realizing the patience and great effort you put into your work. - and we get to be the benefactors.
    Thank you so much for this blog, Sir!

    1. Thank you, Howard.

      It is invigorating, unless I get too cold; there's only so much snow a guy can take down his pants.