Friday, July 30, 2010

Bee Seeing You

Golden Northern Bumble Bee; Bombus fervidus


  1. Hey Tomass, hope summer isn't too hot up there for you, it sure's been sweaty 'round here.

    as much as I like the dragonflies one, I must say that the one with the bee is quite exceptional, especially when viewed in a higher res. It's as though the bee either stood on it's back legs to pose, or you were able to stopped time and catch it on such a regal pose. The flower serving as ground also makes it a nice touch with the bright pink and orange colors. An amazing shot.

  2. Hi Nate.

    We've had a great summer, but very hot and steamy at times.

    The bee reared just as I took the picture. I don't think it was striking a "regal pose" but rather pissed off that I had my lens in its face.