Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Into the Season of Nights


  1. No doubt the season of nights will hasten into your welcoming embrace. Your work is consistently evocative and moving, Tomass. PS - Were I a more selfless person, I might send you a belt for a solstice gift. But I think not.

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Hoosier Honyock.

      As for the belt, I generally cinch my pants with a bungee cord, though they seem to end up falling down anyway.

    2. ...to which we can only reply, thank the gods!

      A bungee cord? You've not been throwing yourself off high places lately, have you? You're followers would fall over in a dead faint...

      And I must agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of Monsieur Hoosier.

    3. The bungee cord certainly comes in handy. I think it is visible in a couple of previous posts, where as I mentioned, my pants fell down regardless.

      A backwoods fashion statement?

      Thank you for your comment.

    4. I concur with sir robert's thanking whatever gods there may be, and welcome his support of my bawdy sentiments. The frequent wardrobe mishaps are a joy to behold, but I do worry that they expose those firmly rounded buttocks (and other delectable morsels) to the icy fingers of rapacious arctic air. But Tomass will be Tomass.

    5. Morsels, Hoosier? What we've got here is a full-blown Christmas dinner complete with a big meaty piece of third leg, some succulent thigh, brussels sprouts (OK, it's cold out there) and plentiful amounts of stuffing.

      That certainly beats my parson's nose and two hard walnuts...

      Heaven knows how I'd get on without (very dear) Tomass.

      And you, for that matter, Hoosier.

    6. Thank you robert and Hoosier Honyock. Your toothsome praise is a veritable feast for the winter wanderer.

      It appears "Tomass" may have been too zealous in exploring the winter wonders, as the "icy fingers" have him slightly under the weather. Add a shallow snowfall glazed with freezing rain and plunged into a deep freeze, rendering the forest an icy hazard, and pictorial adventures have been set aside for the moment.

    7. I'm sorry to learn that you are under the weather, Tomass. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Rest is a wonderful healer; some cocooning may be called for.

      Meanwhile, your legion of virtual admirers must mourn your absence, like so many drag Demeters grieving for a missing Persephone. But no pressure or anything.

      I accept (nay, I heartily endorse) sir robert's eloquent correction regarding your ample charms, and shall spend your recovery time doing penance in front of "A Pertinacious Beckoning" and choking down my allotted slice of humble pie.

      Please get well soon.

    8. Ditto, Monsieur Hoosier.

      It's quite a shock for me to read, Tomass, that you're poorly, as I always think of you up their with the gods and therefore invincible against the travails that we ordinary folk are subject to.

      Imagine me as a soft warm blanket...

    9. Thank you, Hoosier Honyock and robert, for your good wishes.

      It's not often that a pesky bug settles in my domain. Hopefully, it won't take long to shake off.

      I have a reserve of photographs on hand, so will continue to post.